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Improve your athletic performance with our Peak competitor program.

This 12 week program provides you with the opportunity to take to take your training to the next level.


This cycle requires 5 training days per week. The goal is to get stronger, increase lean muscle mass, and really fine tune those olympic lifts.

We will be lifting in the 70-95% percent range throughout the majority of the program, ending with a 1 rep max on your snatch and clean and jerk at the very end.

The fun dosent stop there, to improve your aerobic and gymnastic capacity you will undertake a variety of metcons and structured skill sessions.  To bulletproof your body and help you with the demands of competive CrossFit our team of Physiotherapist have added daily functional bodybuilding exercies to ensure you get the best out of our 12 week plan.

Peak Competitor

Price Options
Peak Competitor
£10.00every week for 12 weeks
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